Buying your receivables

Finexcorp factoring : buying your receivable

To allow your business to take immediate cash advantage of its sales, FINEXCORP buys your receivables by using a factoring technique

This technique improves the productivity of your business by allowing you to concentrate on the core of your business; you reduce your overhead and are in a better position to deal with your suppliers.

Typically, cash generated by your sales will be deposited directly in your bank account within 48 hours of a transaction; therefore, you will be in a position to negotiate rapid payment discounts with your suppliers rather than begging for extension of credit terms.

Factoring improves your negotiating position with your suppliers

Financing of contract : The Finexcorp approach

Once factoring established, Finexcorp can finance your existing contracts and standing orders and/or those in the process of negotiation

Credit insurance

In some cases, your receivables can be insured, thus guaranteeing repayment to Finexcorp. This approach allows you to cash in on your sales within 48 hrs and alleviates the problems tied to non-payment.

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