Our clients

Who are our clients :

Our clients do business in their own local area, at the national level or on the international market, with volumes ranging from 150,000 to 10,000,000 dollars annually.

We endeavour to establish very close business relationship with our clients, in order to bring them immediate financial solutions, tailored to their needs, and based exclusively on their sales and on the real value of their assets, without getting encumbered in financial ratios and balance sheet introspection

A few recent examples:

  • $175,000 Industrial Manufacturing
  • $ 75,000 Communications
  • $100,000 Information Systems
  • $600,000 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Public Corporation
  • $300,000 Industrial Upholstering
  • $250,000 Retail Furniture Sales
  • $500,000 Transportation
  • $400,000 Data Processing and Communications
  • $200,000 Courier Service
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