Finexcorp Factoring

Finexcorp factoring : The solution !

Factoring is a short term financing mechanism based on your receivables, standing orders or contracts; it transforms them instantaneously into cash

This mechanism has existed for hundred of years, but was restricted to businesses with huge volumes. The ease with which it can be set up as well as its flexibility makes it very attractive.

Anybody who uses a credit card participates in factoring, in most cases without knowing it. For a set and automatic discount, the seller receives his cash immediately; then the financial institution invoices the buyer, who normally has 30 days to pay the total amount of the original purchase.

The appeal of factoring is the immediate availability of the proceeds of a sale, thus eliminating all the administrative process and expenses related to it. With factoring, Finexcorp provides financing off your balance sheet; complex financial and ratio analysis are not required.

Contrary to conventional line of credit financing, factoring can be put in place in 48 hours; the only condition being the availability of sound receivables.

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