To offer its customers a comprehensive array of financial products, Finexcorp can also finance equipment and other tangible assets through leasing.

Finexcorp leasing allows you to select the required equipment from your supplier. Once your choice is made, Finexcorp buys it from your supplier under terms and conditions agreed between you and your supplier. Finexcorp then proceeds with the purchase and rents it to you under terms and conditions previously agreed between you and Finexcorp.

At the end of the leasing contract, you can acquire the equipment as per the agreement between you and Finexcorp.

The Finexcorp lease allows you to finance off balance sheet the acquisition of goods and equipment, thus maintaining the appropriate level of working capital in the business and allowing you to spread taxes related to the transaction over the life of the agreement between you and Finexcorp.

Finexcorp leasing can also provide you interesting income tax benefits.

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